There are several ways to receive technical support for your Palladium Media Group product:
  • Read the Technical Support FAQ. Answers to most common technical support questions are posted on the Technical Support Frequently Asked Questions Page. Click here to access the Technical Support FAQ for the Bomb Countermeasures for Security Profesionals CD-ROM.
  • Submit an Online Support Request. If the your question was not answered in the FAQ, complete and submit the support request form at the bottom of this page. Your product must be registered to use this feature. If your product is not registered, check the box indicating that you have not registered yet and enter the registration code for your CD-ROM (located on the inside of the front jewel case insert). Your will receive a reply by telephone or e-mail within 48 hours.
  • Call us at (727) 897-9600. You can receive answers to your technical support questions by calling us at our office in Florida between 9:00AM and 5:00PM, Monday through Friday.
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