"It's fantastic! You guys really did a great, great job. I'm really impressed. Money well spent!"

- Dan McNally
Bomb Technician, NYPD Bomb Squad

"To say that your program "sets the standard" for the interactive security training market would be an understatement...When doing security training products myself, I serve as my state's homeland security training coordinator. Thus, I viewed your product with a critical eye. I found the content both extensive, accurate and pertinent."

- Cole Morris, CPP, CFE
Course Evaluator, International Foundation for Protection Officers

"The amount of information that has been compiled into a useful format is unparalleled...As a reference guide, this product is unmatched. If a reference isn't available on this CD, it probably can't be found...Overall, this is a product that security managers will likely refer to time and again. It is highly recommended."

- Security Management (Magazine Review-ASIS)

"Each lesson, and in fact, each screen is profusely illustrated with photos, drawings, diagrams, and animations that describe and illustrate the subject matter. The program has excellent content, but is also a model of good computer-based instructional design...Because the CD-ROM is self-contained, it represents an excellent value for cramped training budgets."

- Law & Order (Magazine Review)

"The content is excellent as is the presentation and layout of the material. It's what every computer-based training program should be...it is an invaluable training and reference tool for all security and counterterrorism professionals."

- S.W.A.T. (Magazine Review)

"Short of attending a bomb technician training course, this program provides all the information that a line public safety officer is likely to need to manage an incident until the professionals arrive...An excellent resource."

- The Law Enforcemnt Trainer (Magazine Review-ASLET)

"...Bomb Countermeasures for Security Professionals Version 2.0 is a fine product. I know of no other product that presents so much information on bombs and bombings in one place."

- Journal of Counterterrorism & Security International
(Magazine Review-IACSP)

"The Bomb Countermeasures CD-ROM program is one of the best computer based educational programs I have seen...As an instructor, there is enough material contained within this CD to easily feed a week long class. Outstanding job on the research and work that went into developing this program!"

- Brian K. Stevens
Sergeant, Federal Reserve Protective Services

"I'm very impressed! It's very well organized and includes just about everything a security professional needs to know to avoid or manage explosive incidents...I believe that BCSP v2 is an affordable answer for the explosives training and reference needs of everyone who considers themselves either a security or public safety professional."

- Harvey J. McGeorge Dr. h.c.
President and WMD Consultant, Public Safety Group

"Version 2.0 is excellent!…I’m recommending every bomb squad to have a copy of this on their shelf."

- Capt. Dave Todd
Special Operations Commander, St. Charles County Sheriff’s Dept

"I would just like to say what an excellent product BCSP is. My fellow trainers are stunned at the quality and accuracy of the product."

- Tony Deverson
Managing Director, Niton Training Limited 2001

"Excellent product...Anyone responsible for designing and implementing a bomb plan for their organization must have this CD-ROM."

- George M. Tzelios
President, Palladin Executive Services

"I was completely blown away at both the quality and quantity of information presented. This is by far the most complete resource on the nature and characteristics of explosive devices on the market today. Well done!"

- Mike Kirkland
High Liability Instructor, North Florida Criminal Justice Academy

"I truly enjoyed your product. I would love to see you produce a CD-ROM on CBRN threats for Police, Fire, and EMS."

- Col. Paul R. Toth
Chief of Police, North College Hill Police Dept.

"The treatment of vehicle bombs is fantastic. But, this is only one part of this excellent program...I highly recommend this CD to anyone involved in the protection of assets and people."

- Anthony Scotti
President, Securitydriver.com

"Finally, a training program on bomb security that enables individualized and interactive learning. The Bomb Countermeasures for Security Professionals CD-ROM is one of the best resources on the subject that I have seen to date."

- Karl C. Poulin, CPO
President, Critical Intervention Services

"The material is outstanding, including a lot of information that I have never seen in open source literature...Congradulations on an excellent program."

- Timothy O'Rourke
Director of Training, S-2 Institute

"Awesome! The information in this program is unbelievable."

- Edward Wilson
Protection Specialist

"Your CD-ROM was wonderful and the best I have seen on this subject."

- P. M.
President, Praesidia Defence

"Craig Gundry has produced the most relevant and complete program on bomb countermeasures available to the serious security specialist. His work is impeccable and he has written it in a form that is accessible to all working and aspiring professionals. Our school [Executive Security International] has chosen Gundry's "Bomb Countermeasures" as the basis for its Executive Protection course, Bomb Search and Identification. There is nothing that comes close to it in the field."

- Robert Duggan
President, Executive Security International, Ltd.



JCSI Review
(NEW - January 2002)

Security Management Review (NEW - December 2001)
Law Enforcement Trainer Review (November 2001)
S.W.A.T. Magazine Review (November 2001)
Law & Order Magazine Review (August 2000)


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