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Six Bombings Wound At Least 10 in Chinese City

9/30/00- Sources have revealed that six unexplained bomb attacks have injured at least 10 people recently in the Chinese city of Shijiazhuang (90 miles north of Beijing). According to reports, at least two of the attacks occured at shopping malls and one near a crowded bus stop at the train station. The latest of the attacks was Friday (9/29). While the timing of the attacks may be related to the upcoming National Day celebrations, no specific motive or perpetrator has been identified.

Wave of GRAPO Bombings in Spain

9/29/00- The left-wing terrorist group GRAPO (October First Anti-Fascist Resistance Group) appears to have resurfaced with a series of bombings throughout Spain. On Wednesday (9/25), several small bombs were placed in the offices of employment agencies in Seville, Vigo and Valencia -- mirroring recent attacks in Barcelona, Valencia and Madrid. On Friday (9/27), three armed GRAPO members placed an IED in the office of the Barcelona newspaper, El Mundo. Two police officers were wounded in the blast following evacuation of civillians from the building. On Saturday (9/28), GRAPO claimed responsibility for another bomb attack on a local office of the Popular Party in Madrid. The device (est. 3.3 lb. of explosive) detonated in the doorway of the office, causing minor property damage.

Media reports suggest that no particular motive has been established for this recent campaign of bombings.

Blast Kills 2 Students At Philipino University

9/24/00- The BBC reports that a bomb attack at the University of Southern Mindanao has killed at least two students and injured ten others. According to reports, the blast occured while students were preparing for a celebration in a social hall on campus.

Projected Charge Attack At MI6 Headquarters

9/21/00- At approximately 2200 BST, at least one projected charge exploded on the eighth floor of the British SIS Headquarters in south London. While the charge shattered a large window and caused minor damage to the interior, there were no casualties. Current evidence suggests that the charge, most likely a rocket, was launched from a range of 200 to 500 metres.

Although no one has claimed responsibility for the attack, Modus Operandi strongly suggests dissident Irish Republicans.

ED. NOTE: Despite evidence of only one explosion, there have been media speculations of a second rocket or bomb due to claims by witnesses who heard two explosions timed only a second or more apart. This may well be due to the type of system used to launch the charge. Most indirect fire weapon systems (mortars, etc.) use an explosive charge to project the round out of a barrel or tube. Many shoulder fired rocket systems (RPG-7, etc.) also use a small explosive charge to initiate the rocket's flight. Depending on the witness' position relative to the launch site and location of impact, both explosions may sound of similar volume timed only a second or more apart.

CABO Database Now Available for Export

9/20/00- Although the CABO Chemicals and Agents of Biological Origin database is still in the commodity jurisdiction process, export sales can now be made on a license exemption basis until a final CJ determination is complete. This requires all applications for export license to be accompanied by a purchase order or letter of intent to purchase and submitted to the U.S. Department of State, PM/DTC for approval.

Contact Palladium Media Group for more details:

Blast Kills 16, Wounds At Least 80 in Pakistan

9/19/00- At least 16 people were killed when a bomb exploded in a busy Islamabad produce market. Police stated that the bomb was concealed in a crate of grapes which arrived from Afghanistan and detonated while being off-loaded from the truck and auctioned to retailers. The truck containing the crate arrived from Kurram Agency, located along the Afghan border.

While no one has claimed responsibility for the attack, Pakastani authorities have indicated a possible link to other recent bombings.

Brief Report on ASIS Seminar and Exhibition

9/15/00- Beginning Monday (9/11) through Thursday (9/14), the American Society for Industrial Security held its 46th Annual Seminar and Exhibits at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. Overall, the event was quite a success this year with a good turnout from both attendants and exhibitors. While (naturally) the exhibits were heavily dominated by access control, CCTV, and guard companies, there was good a number of exhibitors displaying equipment of specific relevance to bomb security (x-ray inspection systems, portable explosive detection equipment, blast-resistant window systems, vehicle barricades, etc.). Some of the many companies represented include AS&E, Barringer Instruments, Heimann Systems, IDS Intelligent Detection Systems, ITI, Scanna MSC, and Vindicator Technologies.

The seminars this year covered a wide range of security issues. Some of the topics of relevance to bomb security included Crisis and Consequence Management, WMD Response Training, and Glass Hazard Mitigation. Additionally, a representative from ITA at the Bureau of Diplomatic Security provided an insightful briefing on the global threat of WMD.

For information on next year's conference or to order recorded cassette tapes of specific seminars, contact the American Society for Industrial Security.

Suicide Bombing Outside Hospital in Sri Lanka

9/15/00- A suicide bomb attack at a Sri Lankan government hospital killed at least six people and wounded 28 others (including hospital staff). The attack occured as the perptrator (believed to be a member of the LTTE) was being interviewed by a police officer.

The explosion occured several yards from the office of Health Minister Nimal Siripala De Silva, prompting some to believe that the attack may have been intended as an assassination. De Silva was previously wounded in a 1996 suicide bomb attack in the city of Jaffna.

PMG Releases New Pricing Schedule for U.S. Government Customers

9/4/00- Palladium Media Group has announced a new discounted price schedule for U.S. Government customers purchasing the Bomb Countermeasures for Security Professionals CD-ROM. Mirroring the prices formerly established for the U.S. Department of Defense, the new prices apply to single-unit purchases and include special discounts on quantity packages of 100, 250, and 500 units.

Contact Palladium Media Group for details: Tel. (727) 897-9600 / Fax (727) 502-9895.

American Airlines Donates Screening Equipment to WEODF

9/1/00- The August issue of the World EOD Gazette reports that American Airlines has made a major donation of redundant screening equipment to the World EOD Foundation (WEODF). This equipment includes (4) Linescan 12e and (3) Linescan 7e baggage screening systems. Both models are manufactured by EG&G Astrophysics. The screening systems will be made available to official agencies and institutions that would not normally be able to afford such equipment (schools, hospitals, public entertainment sites, etc.).

See the August issue of the World EOD Gazette for more details.



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