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Nine Injured in Blast at Dusseldorf Train Station

7/27/00- Nine people were injured by a small explosive device which detonated at the train station in Dusseldorf, Germany. Of the nine victims, two people were reported in critical condition. Shortly after the blast, police recieved a call reporting a second device. The train station was closed and searched. No second device was found.

While no one has claimed credit for the bombing, authorities suspect domestic right-wing terrorists.

Bomb Threats Against Aircraft in Philippines

7/24/00- Authorities in Manila received four anonymous bomb threats regarding aircraft departing from Ninoy Aquino International Airport. Security at the airport was increased accordingly, including searches of aircraft and facilities. No devices were found.

InVision Technologies Receives $7.8 Million Order from FAA for Explosive Detection Systems

7/20/00- InVision Technologies, Inc. announced that the FAA has ordered $7.8 million of the company's CTX 5500 and CTX 2500 explosive detection systems and ancillary items. the company plans to ship these items in the third quarter of 2000.

NOTE: Both CTX systems employ Computed Tomography (CT) technology as a method for detecting and verifying the presence of explosives. For more information on CT techology, refer to the Bomb Detection Technologies sublesson of the Bomb Countermeasures for Security Professionals training CD-ROM.

Milwaukee Man Arrested for Leaving Two Bombs at Air National Guard Base

7/20/00- On Thursday morning (7/20), a 35-Y/O man from Milwaukee, Milan S. Mititch, was arrested on a tip for alledgedly leaving two IEDs at the 128th Air Refueling Wing compound on Wednesday (7/19). According to reports, an intruder gained access to the base and spray painted "Free Kosova" on a satellite dish. When guards detected the intruder, he dropped a bag containing two pipe bombs and escaped on foot. Both devices were rendered safe by the Milwaukee Sheriff's Department bomb squad.

Considering the graffiti and the 128th Air Refueling Wing's previous deployment to the Balkans, it is most likely that the incident was in protest regarding U.S. involvement in Kosovo.

New GAO Report Identifies Force Protection Problems

7/19/00- The General Accounting Office has released a new report focusing on the security of U.S. military activities overseas against terrorist attack. According to the GAO report, there have been significant improvements in force protection over the past three years. However, despite many beneficial initiatives, there are a number of issues which require address. Some of the weaknesses cited include miscommunication about antiterrorism funding and budget requirements, security planning in response to vulnerability assessments, access control at bases, and poor dissemination of terrorism-related intelligence.

To download a copy of the GAO report in Acrobat PDF format, click "Here".

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Hoax Bomb Threats Create Panic in Moscow

7/17/00- On Sunday, a series of hoax bomb threats caused panic and disrupted activities in several Moscow locations. The anonymous calls, all made within a two-hour period, prompted evacuations and searches all around the city. Over the following two days, police received over 200 calls from frightened citizens reporting abandoned cars, unattended luggage, and other suspicious looking objects.

Eight Wounded by Blast in Central Madrid

7/12/00- According to reports, an estimated 33-lb. IED was detonated in a car parked in front of a department store in Madrid's Callo shopping district. While an anonymous caller (claiming to represent the ETA ) warned authorities shortly before the blast, the 20 minute warning was too short to permit an effective response. The blast, which occured at 0630 (local time), caused extensive damage to the outside of the department store and injured 8 people.

NOTE: The short warning provided in this case is one example of a common tactic used by terrorists to discredit police. When a short warning is issued, the terrorists know that the police will not have sufficient time to evacuate the area, identify the device, and safely dispose of it. This places the police in a difficult position. Despite best efforts to respond, public attention after the attack easily shifts from the perpetrators to the police with speculations of "Why response wasn't more effective?". This increases public anxiety and erosion of the public's faith in the authorities. In addition to its psychological impact, short warnings increase risk to responders -- particularly bomb technicians preparing or executing RSP. As an operational tactic, short warnings have been used extensively by the ETA and several other threat groups (including the PIRA).

For more information on the malicious tactics often associated with bomb threats/warnings, see Lesson Five of the Bomb Countermeasures CD-ROM.

Pakistani Embassy Bombed in Kabul

7/10/00- At approximately 0530 (local time), a small bomb detonated inside the Pakistani Embassy in Kabul. The explosion, which resulted in no casualties, caused minor interior damage and blew a hole through a roof above the visa office. No one has claimed responsibility for the attack.

ATTN: Australian Bomb Techs and Investigators

7/06/00- Unfortunately, many people were unable to attend this year's IABTI conference in Mebourne (including our company, PMG). If you would like to post a brief report on the event for those who couldn't make it, please e-mail us a brief summary at: A similar report for the World Wide Chemical Conference was posted in last month's news.

IED Recovered From Prosecutor's Office in Indonesia

7/05/00- A nine pound explosive charge was safely removed from the third floor of the Indonesian Attorney General's Office in Jakarta. A representative from the responding bomb squad claimed that the charge was primed with a detonator, but lacked a source of initiation. The incident occurs one day after another device detonated in a restroom in the same building (without casualties).

Some authorities believe that the two devices were planted to intimidate the Attoney General's staff who are currently probing into corruption allegations against former President Suharto's son, Hutomo Mandala Putra.

VCR Bomb Detonates in Juarez

7/05/00- One man was killed and three others injured when a bomb concealed inside a VCR exploded in Juarez, Mexico. Reports claim that the VCR was given to the victim, Horacio Lopez, as a present on Turesday night. The next evening, when Lopez and his family sat down to watch a movie, the device detonated killing Lopez and injuring his wife and two young children. No suspects had been identified as of Thursday morning (7/06/00).

NOTE: This incident demonstrates the importance of treating all gifts and unsolicited deliveries with extreme caution. There are numerous cases on record of individuals maimed or killed by anonymous "gift" deliveries. If even remotely in doubt, treat it as a possible bomb!

For more information on suspicious "gifts" and unsolicited deliveries, see Lesson Six of the Bomb Countermeasures training CD-ROM.

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