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Bomb Targets Norwegian Humanitarian Office in Colombo

6/27/00- A bomb detonated on Tuesday after being thrown at the Norwegian Save the Childeren Fund Office in downtown Colombo (causing only property damage). The attack coincides with the arrival of Norwegian representatives sent to assist in brokering a peace between the Sri Lankan government and Tamil rebels.

Israeli Man Detained at Peruvian Airport for Possession of Explosives

6/27/00- A 22-Y/O Israeli man attempting to board an American Airlines flight to New York was detained by Peruvian authorities after airport personnel discovered two sticks of dynamite in the man's luggage. The man claimed that the dynamite was intended as presents for his family.

ATTN: EOD Suppliers

6/27/00- We have received a request from a military EOD Advisor who is looking for a vendor or procurement service capable of supplying a complete unit TOE for EOD/IEDD. Items include: bomb suits, bomb containment trailers, portable X-Ray inspection systems, disruptors and ammunition, bottle distruptors, robots, EOD tools, etc.. The end users will be military EOD units in a pro-western Middle-Eastern nation.

If you are capable of fulfilling this request, contact us at:

ETA Suspected in Basque Car Bombing

6/26/00- A car bomb in the Basque town of Getxo injured seven people and damaged surrounding vehicles. The bombing occured shortly before midnight, while police, who had received an anonymous warning, were clearing the surrounding area. While no one has claimed responsibility, the attack was most likley perpatrated by the ETA.

Wave of Seven Bombings in The Philippines

6/25/00- The Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) is suspected in a wave of seven bombings in the city of General Santos. The devices, which killed one and injured 42 others, were mostly constructed as powerful pipe bombs (some attached to vehicles with magnets). This series of attacks comes less than two weeks after police went on a heightened state of alert following intelligence that an attack was planned by the MILF.

Report on World Wide Chemical Conference

6/24/00- On the week of June 19-23, NDIA and the U.S. Army Chemical School hosted the 17th World Wide Chemical Conference and Exhibition at Ft. Leonard Wood, MI. Lecture topics included Chemical-Biological Defense, The Future of Protective Clothing, The Air Force's NBC Passive Defense Program, Chemical Demilitarization, WMD in the Force Protection Assessment Process, The Use of Non-Lethal Bio-Weapons, U.S. WMD Response Operations, NBC Weapons Counterproliferation, and Integrated Diagnostic Systems for Rapid Biological Agent Detection.

The technology exhbition was quite large this year--extending outside of the exhibition hall and into tents. Some of the many items on display included protective gear, decontamination washers, hazardous duty robots, detection systems, etc.. The CABO (Chemcials and Agents of Biological Origin database, distributed by PMG, was also on display at booth 702. In addition to product displays, several organizations (including SBCCOM) staffed informative exhibits to increase awareness about their activities.

LOCAL AND FEDERAL DP PERSONNEL: While the WWCC was largely aimed at a military audience, most of the topics and exhibits applied equally to non-military domestic preparedness personnel. If you would like to get on the list for next year's show, contact NDIA or watch our Upcoming Events column for next year's dates and location.

InVision Technologies Demos CTX2500 for Members of Congress

6/10/00- InVision Technologies recently previewed its CTX2500 explosives detection system for members of congress and their staff in Washington, DC. As part of the session on Captiol grounds, InVision personnel guided congressional staffers through the complete inspection process, explaining how computed tomography (CT) detection systems work.

The CTX2500 was certified by the FAA for automated explosives detection in 1999 and represents the latest example of InVision's CT detection systems. For more information on InVision Technologies and the CTX2500, click "Here."

SM Publishes Results of Building Security Study

6/05/00- In the May 2000 issue of Security Management, editor Michael Gips presented the results of a recent study to evaluate management perspectives and security regarding terrorism at America’s high-profile office buildings. The study, conducted by Gips with the assistance of WTC Security Manager Doug Karpiloff, confirmed what many in the anti-terrorism community have observed for some time:

1) While there was a flurry of security activity in the aftermath of the WTC and OKC Bombings, there has been little overall improvement in anti-terrorism security at America’s landmark structures.

2) While 77% of the managers surveyed stated that security had been improved since the WTC and OKC Bombings, terrorism was not the principle reason for these improvements. Most security upgrades were prompted by more easily defined threats, such as break-ins and pickpocketing.

3) Most of the security managers surveyed did not believe that their buildings fit the profile of a terrorist target and that the unpredictable nature of such attacks did not justify specific threat reduction measures.

4) One of the largest reasons for not implementing threat reduction measures was tenant attitude. Tenants in most buildings are not willing to accept the cost of serious security improvements.

Demoman Named Exclusive Distributor in Israel

6/02/00- Palladium Media Group has announced that Demoman, an Israeli EOD/IEDD consulting company, has been named as the exclusive distributor in Israel for the Bomb Countermeasures for Security Professionals (BCSP) training CD-ROM. Customers in Israel, desiring to purchase the BCSP Program, should contact Demoman directly:

ATTN: Tal Hanan, Managing Director
3B/24 Haetzel St.
Jerusalem 97853

Tel. +972 50.901.655
Fax +972 2532.1229

Georgian Car Bomb Kills Defense Minister's Brother

6/01/00- On Wednesday, 5/31/00, Guram Tevsadze (the brother of Georigian Defense Minister David Tevsadze) was killed by a car bomb on the outskirts of T'bilisi. Tevsadze's wife and another relative were injured in the attack. Early reports suggest that a device employing TNT was physically installed on the vehicle.

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