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ATTN: X-Ray and Metal Detection Equipment Manufacturers

5/31/00- We have received a request from a company in Ankara that is looking for opportunities distributing x-ray inspection and metal detection equipment in Turkey. If your company is interested in establishing a Turkish distributor or sales representative, contact:

ATTN: Demet Tezcan
Bülüm Sok, Senkal Apt. No:6/8 A
06700 Kavaklidere Ankara

Tel: +90 312 419 13 02
Fax: +90 312 419 13 00

A Busy Week for Terrorists, Bomb Techs, and Security Professionals

5/30/00- There have been a number of bomb and explosive incidents reported around the world since May 21. On Saturday, May 21, a bomb was planted in Florence in protest over NATO meetings scheduled for May 24 and 25. The device may have detonated low-order when police tried to disrupt the device using a high-pressure fire hose. The same day (May 21), a bomb possibly planted by muslim extremists was deactivated in Cape Town, South Africa. Also on May 21st, a bomb in Manila killed one person and injured at least 17 others. Three hours later, ten more devices located in different parts of Mindinao detonated simultaneously. No other casualties were reported.

On May 23, Australian authorities in Sydney seized a cache of materials for manufacturing explosives in the home of a 28-Y/O neo-nazi. On the 24th, bomb technicians rendered a device safe in a McDonald's in Angeles City, Philippines. On the 25th, it was reported that police in Dublin had seized 1.3 lbs. of Semtex and bomb making materials in the course of an investigation of the RIRA. On Sunday, the 28th, police in the Philippines arrested 26 people suspected of involvement in recent bomb attacks.

Exercise "TOPOFF" Kicks Off in Colorado and New Hampshire

5/20/00- As part of the ongoing U.S. effort to prepare for WMD, two simultaneous exercises were launched on Saturday in Denver, CO and Portsmouth, NH. The exercise, named "TOPOFF," was designed to test local and federal response to chemical and biological Improvised Dispersal Device (IDD) attacks. Both exercises are scheduled to last 10 days.

Another related exercise was held in Washington, DC and Prince Georges County, MD by the FBI, FEMA, and the Energy Department. The scenario for this exercise has not been disclosed.

U.S. Embassy in Athens Receives Bomb Threat

5/19/00- A man identifying himself as a member of November 17 called the Eleftherotypia newspaper at 21:49 (Athens time) and reported that a bomb concealed in the U.S. Embassy would explode within 25 minutes. A search revealed nothing and the all clear was given at 22:39.

World EOD Foundation Conference/COPEX-USA

5/18/00- This is a brief report for those who were unable to attend the International Training Conference in Arlington, VA. Overall, the conference program this year was outstanding. Mark M.* (SO13) opened the program on Monday with an excellent presentation on improvised mortars and the unique challenges such devices pose to bomb technicians and investigators. Mark was followed by Ret. Maj. Mike Coldrick. Drawing from his extensive experience, Mike demonstrated how the evolution of terrorist devices has led to new innovations in bomb disposal methods.

Alan Hatcher (RAF) continued the program after lunch with a presentation on UXO clearance in Kuwait and the Ascension Islands.This was followed by Maj. Adrian W.* (British Army) who discussed the proper applications of Hydro-Abrasive Cutting Techniques.

On Tuesday morning, two representatives from the U.S. Postal Inspection Service gave an interesting presentation on mail IEDs. In the next segment, Alan Hatcher explored the need for internationally recognized training standards and announced the foundation of the International School for Search & Explosive Engineers. This was followed by Dr. Aris Makris of Med-Eng, who provided an insightful survey of the four threats associated with conventional blasts.

Tuesday afternoon was opened with a presentation on entry point screening by Tom B.* of Battelle Memorial Institute. Tom B. also introduced a new blast mitigation system called Hydro-Suppressor (an article on the Hydro-Suppressor system can be found in the May issue of the World EOD Gazette). SA Kevin K.* (ATF-FBI) closed the program with an excellent presentation about ongoing research by the ATF and FBI to develop accurate profiles of bombers.

Contact the World EOD Foundation for information on other upcoming training conferences in Singapore and the UK.

* Last name has been witheld for security reasons.

FARC Executes 52-Y/O Woman With "Necklace Bomb"

5/16/00- Reuters reports that Colombian FARC guerillas attached a flexible IED around the neck of 52-year-old Elvira Cortes Gil. An army spokesman claims that Cortes Gil was singled out in retaliation for her refusal to pay extortion money. The guerilla's broke into the woman's home and secured a pressure-release activated device around her neck with silicon glue.

The device exploded six hours later while police and army bomb technicians were attempting to render the device safe. The explosion killed Gil instantly. A police bomb technician, Yair Lopez, and an unidentified soldier both lost their left arms in the blast. Yair Lopez died later at the hospital.

New Bomb Countermeasures Demo CD-ROM

5/12/00- PMG has released a new demo version of the Bomb Countermeasures for Security Professionals training CD-ROM. The demo CD provides a complete overview of the program, including descriptions and outlines of all ten lessons. The CD-ROM also features three complete samples extracted from Lessons Six, Seven, and Nine. To request a free copy of the Bomb Countermeasures demo CD-ROM, click "Here." Three short extracts can also be downloaded from the Internet from by clicking "Here."

NOTE: PMG is currently working on a demonstration CD-ROM for the CABO (Chemicals and Agents of Biological Origin) Database System. Check back in the near future for more information.

New International Terrorism Report Released by State Department

5/1/00- The U.S. Department of State has released the new report, Patterns of Global Terrorism-1999. According to this year's summary, the total number of incidents increased in 1999 (392 incidents) from the year before (274 incidents-1998). Businesses remain the number one target, dwarfing all military, diplomatic, and government facilities. As expected, bombing remains the number one method of attack.

Click "Here" to view the U.S. State Department's Global Patterns of Terrorism-1999.

Istanbul Pipe Bombings

5/1/00- Istanbul, Turkey. The BBC reports that five pipe bombs detonated in Istabul's European district, causing minor property damage. No one was injured.

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