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Two Wounded by Bomb in Yemen

5/28/01 – A military officer and a passenger traveling by car were injured by a roadside car bomb in the northern Yemeni city of al-Dali. No information is available at this time regarding perpetrator or motive.

Two Car Bombs Explode in Jerusalem

5/27/01 – At shortly after midnight, a car bomb exploded in downtown Jerusalem. This was followed at 0900 with another car bomb explosion approximately 100 yards from the Jerusalem Police headquarters. Police state that the second bomb used mortar shells, nails, and bullets. One of the mortar projectiles was thrown by the explosion to a nearby public square where bomb technicians rushed to render it safe. No one was reported injured in the attacks.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) claimed responsibility for the first attack. The Palestine Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the second. Analysts believe that this may indicate a concerted campaign and increased cooperation between threat groups operating in Israel.

Bomb Campaign Continues in Colombia

5/27/01 – Two small bombs exploded in Cali, Colombia’s third-largest city, continuing this month’s campaign of explosive-related violence. The explosions, which occurred in front of a police station and a prison, injured one person and damaged nearby buildings. No one has claimed responsibility for the attacks.

Car Bomb Explodes Near Police Headquarters in Jerusalem

5/26/01 – A car bomb, concealed in a Subaru, exploded in a parking lot near the entrance to the police headquarters in central Jerusalem shortly after midnight. No one was reported injured.

Metropolitan Police Reiterate Election Bomb Alert in UK

5/26/01 – SO-13 has warned that dissident republican terrorist groups (including RIRA) could be plotting a number of attacks in the time period approaching the UK general election. This warning is issued after an analysis of previous election related violence and current trends in domestic terrorist activity.

Blasts in Bogota Kill 4 People and Injure 26

5/25/01 – Two bombs detonated about ten minutes apart near the National University in Bogota during the morning rush hour, killing 4 people and wounding 26. According to reports, the two bombs were concealed in metal tubes and placed in a sewer near the U.S. Embassy. A third bomb which failed to activate was rendered safe by police a short time later.

Suicide Bomb Injures Dozens in Hadera

5/25/01 – According to reports, a taxi containing a car bomb was driven next to a bus and detonated in the Israeli town of Hadera. At least 36 people were injured and 2 people killed (the bombers). Among the injured were a 10-Y/O child and a 7-month-old baby.

Hours later in Gaza, a truck bomb was detonated near an Israeli military outpost at Netzarim Junction. HAMAS claimed responsibility for the attack.

Ed. Note: For more information on the characteristics and modus operandi of terrorist groups employing suicide attacks, refer to the Bomb Countermeasures for Security professionals CD-ROM, Version 2.0.

Car Bomb in West Bank Kills Fatah Member

5/25/01 – A car carrying three members of Yasser Arafat’s Fatah movement and one PFLP member exploded in a West Bank refugee camp. One Fatah member was killed, the three others were wounded. Palestinian authorities have blamed Israel for the attack. Israel has denied any involvement in the incident and claims that the bomb was meant to target Israelis and went off prematurely (a "working accident").

Police RSP Attached Car Bomb in Spain

5/23/01 – Police bomb technicians safely disposed of a bomb attached to the underside of a university security guard’s car in Baracaldo (near Bilbao). Though no one has claimed responsibility, modus operandi strongly suggests the Basque terrorist group ETA.

Ed. Note: Countermeasures for attached car bombs can be found in Lesson Seven of the Bomb Countermeasures for Security Professionals CD-ROM.

Suicide Bomb Targets Shopping Center in Netanya, Israel

5/18/01 – Police believe a man detonated a bomb attached to his body after being refused entry to the Hadarim mall in Netanya, injuring at least 30 people and killing a number of others. There were no immediate claims of responsibility.

Medellin Car Bomb Kills 7, Wounds 138

5/18/01 – Seven people were killed and 138 wounded by a car bomb which detonated near a park in Medellin’s upscale El Pobla neighborhood. Reports state that the bomb, composed of approx. 40 lbs. of high explosive, was concealed in a Volkswagen sedan and detonated by remote control. Though no one has claimed responsibility, police believe that the bomb may have been placed by the La Terraza organized crime group.

Bomb Detonates Outside N. Ireland Military Base

5/18/01 – A bomb exploded outside the entrance to a security force base in Londonderry. There were no immediate reports of damage or casualties.

Parcel Bomb Injures Journalist in Spain

5/15/01 – A journalist was injured after a parcel bomb, believed to be concealed in a book, exploded at his home in the Basque town of Zarautz. Modus operandi strongly suggests that the Basque terrorist group ETA was responsible for the attack.

Improvised Mortar Attack Fails in N. Ireland

5/15/01 – A mortar was fired at the British Army and police base in Beesbrock, south of Belfast, from a van. The 150 lb. projectile failed to explode and was safely disposed of by bomb technicians. The attack was most likely perpetrated by the ‘Real’ IRA (RIRA).

Ed. Note: Countermeasures for projected charge attacks (improvised mortars, RPGs, etc.) can be found in the revised Lesson Nine in the Bomb Countermeasures for Security Professionals CD-ROM.

Pre-Election Car Bomb in Madrid Injures 13 People

5/12/01 – A car bomb explosion in front of a Madrid bank injured at least 13 people. The device detonated just before midnight when campaigning ended for Sunday’s elections in the Basque region. According to reports, an anonymous caller warned authorities about the bomb only 8 minutes prior to the blast.

Ed. Note: ETA is notorious for issuing very short and often inaccurate warnings prior to bomb attacks. This is often part of a carefully crafted strategy to discredit police. Refer to Lessons Five and Eight of the Bomb Countermeasures for Security Professionals CD-ROM for more information and case studies of malicious bomb threats.

Car Bomb in Colombia Injures at Least 32

5/5/01 – A powerful car bomb exploded near a luxury hotel in the Colombian city of Cali. Among the 32 people injured were two members of a professional soccer team and a former Colombian national team coach.

British Woman Killed in "Own Goal" Explosion in Athens

5/3/01 – A British woman was killed when a bomb she was carrying in her car exploded. The woman, suspected of involvement in organized crime activities, was wearing gloves and ear plugs and had a remote control device in a bag around her neck. The woman’s dog, which was in the car at the time, survived the blast. The actual cause of the accidental detonation is unknown.


Agent Type: ABO - NON-LIVING
Code or Symbol: Not Reported
CAS#: Unkown
Threat Classification: CD
U.S. Status: None
Synonyms: Tetanospasmin, Lockjaw, Trismus
Chemical Name: Unkown
Source: BACTERIA - Clostridium Tetani

Physiological Effects

Category/Effects: Bacterial Toxin - Protein, Lethal, Neurotoxin


Effect Quantity Units Route Animal
IMED 0.0001 Ug/Kg Unkown Man
MLD 0.002 Ug/Kg Unkown Man
LD 0.0028 Mg/Kg Unkown Man
ID 0.003 Mg Unkown Man

Symptoms: Contractions, Cyanosis, Dysphagia, Fever, Headache, Irritability, Rigidity, Risus Sardonicus, Seizures, Spasms, Stiffness, Tachychardia, Tachypnea
Latent Period: 3 Days to 2 Weeks
Routes of Absorption: Ingestion, Inhalation, Intravenous, Subcutaneous,
Duration of Effect: Weeks

*Tetanus toxin is almost as lethal as botulinum toxin.


Protection: Mask and Protective Clothing
Decontamination: Hot soapy water, Supertropical Bleach
Detection: Medical diagnosis or laboratory analysis

Physical Characteristics and Weaponization

See the Tetanus Toxin record in the CABO Database system for information regarding density, disseminated forms, production purity, melting point, boiling point, molecular weight, aerosol stability/decay rate, half life in storage, vapor pressure, volatility, adjuvants, precursors, use, odor, disseminated modes, and all known munitions, countries, incidents, and facilities associated with this agent.


• BCSP CD-ROM Version 2.0 Demo Modules
Palladium Media Group, Inc.

Downloadable software demonstrations extracted from Version 2.0 of the Bomb Countermeasures for Security Professionals CD-ROM. Includes all of Lesson One (Introduction to the Threat) and a mail screening training module extracted from Lesson Six.

• 2000 Annual Report
Australian Bomb Data Centre, AFP
• A Guide for Explosion and Bombing Scene Investigation

U.S. Department of Justice, National Institute of Justice

• COTS Blast Mitigation Resource Data Base
Blast Mitigation Action Group (maintained by TSWG)

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