March 1, 2000 - Information packets were mailed out to members in February regarding this year's International Training Conferences. The following is a list of conference locations and dates:

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Don't Mess With That Video Cassette!

March 1, 2000 - Security professionals operating in Ecuador should be on alert for any mailings containing video cassettes. A group calling itself the "People's Liberation Army" has claimed responsibility for a recent wave of attempted mail bombings, directed at journalists and politicians.

According to reports, the devices intercepted by authorities were concealed inside booby-trapped video cassettes. This method of concealing mail bombs (as video cassettes or in video cassette boxes) has become increasingly popular amongst terrorists and criminals. In addition to the Ecuadorian mail bombs, similar methods have been used by different perpetrators in the Middle-East, Europe, and North America. For example, in January 1998, a booby-trapped video cassette was used in the attempted assassination of an Israeli intelligence officer by the Amal militia. In this situation, the device was detonated prematurely while being smuggled into Israel. The blast, which occured at the border-crossing near Metulla, injured six people.

As long as this method remains in popularity, security professionals screening for IEDs should be particularly suspicious when examining video cassette boxes or tapes.

ATTN: Executive Protection Professionals

March 5, 2000 - For decades, the protective services industry has benefitted from the instruction of driving guru Anthony Scotti. While Tony is now formally retired from teaching, he has recently started a new online service to benefit the interests of both the EP and security management communities. His new web site,, is home to an online security magazine, book club, security products store, and an extensive online information center.

If you're looking for a web community that actually knows what EP professionals want to see, check out:



InVision Technologies Receives $2.3M in additional funding for a broad range of security applications

March 7, 2000 - InVision Technologies Incorporated today announced that its subsidiary, Quantum Magnetics, has received an additional $2.3 million dollars in funding for continued research and development on a broad range of security projects. The additional funds and grants were awarded by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the Technical Support Working Group (TSWG).

Invision Technologies, Inc and its subsidiary (Quantum Magnetics) manufacture a wide range of bomb detection systems, including the CTX-series computed tomography screening units and quadrouple resonance (QR) detection systems.


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