Lesson Ten: Post-Blast Response Procedures

Lesson Ten provides a description of the problems and challenges facing security personnel in the aftermath of an explosion and the different levels of response from law enforcement and emergency services. In addition to exploring the characteristics of post-blast environments, guidelines are presented to assist managers in developing flexible and realistic post-blast emergency response plans.

Topics include:

Localized Bombings • General Characteristics • Types of Casualties • Radius of Casualties • Response Complications • Localized Response • Establishing Priorities • Response Resources • Basic Response Model • Post-Incident Recovery • Conventional Weapon of Mass Destruction (CWMD) Attacks • General Characteristics • Response Complications • Special Considerations • CWMD Incident Response • Multi-Level Government Response • Federal Response Plan • Types of Response • Typical Response Sequence • Site Response Planning • Model Response Plan

Learning Objectives

Lesson Ten will provide the student with an understanding of the following topics:

• Characteristics of post-blast environments
• Bomb-related injuries
• Response procedures for localized bombings
• Local, state, and federal WMD response
• Response guidelines for large-scale bombings


Students completing Lesson Ten should be capable of the following tasks:

1. Develop an effective post-blast emergency response plan.

2. Supervise safe response to a bomb detonation.

Exercises and Quizzes

Students completing Lesson Ten should immediately take the interactive review quiz to test their understanding and retention of the lesson’s content. If the student correctly answers fewer than eight out of ten questions, he/she should repeat the lesson before continuing with the program.

Questions 46-50 of the comprehensive test are directly extracted from Lesson Ten.


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The lesson description on this page is extracted from the Bomb Countermeasures for Security Professionals CD-ROM, v2.0.