Lesson Eight: Defense Against WMD-Scale Bombs

Lesson Eight explores the catastrophic threat of large-scale proximity bombs (referred to as Conventional Weapons of Mass Destruction) and the various types of preventative measures that can be employed to effectively control these risks.

Topics include:

Characteristics of Conventional Weapons of Mass Destruction (CWMD) • Types of CWMD Attacks • Vehicle Bombs • Charge Sizes • Delivery Methods • Installation Devices • Proactive Countermeasures for CWMD • Types of Countermeasures • Protective Counterintelligence • Countersurveillance • Surveillance Indicators • Strategic Incident Prediction • Dynamic Risk Factors • Vehicle Access Control • Facility Perimeter Defense • Types of Vehicle Barriers • Vehicle Entry Control • Control Point Design • Types of Moveable Barriers • Parking Controls • Detecting Suspicious Vehicles • Threat Indicators • Suspicious Vehicle Response • Planning Considerations • Planning Sequence • Command and Control • Determining Incident Control Point Locations • Investigating Suspicious Vehicles • Alert Methods • Alert Procedures • Evacuation Planning• Post-Evacuation Coordination

Learning Objectives

Lesson Eight will provide the student with an understanding of the following topics:

• History of terrorist and criminal use of large-scale IEDs
• Characteristics of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)
• Characteristics of large-scale vehicle bomb attacks
• Protective counterintelligence (as it applies to defense against vehicle bomb attacks)
• Vehicular access control and barrier systems
• Procedures for responding to possible vehicle bomb deliveries (Pre-Blast)


Students completing Lesson Eight should be capable of the following tasks:

1. Identify potential vehicle bomb threats to facilities.

2. Implement protective counterintelligence methods to detect terrorists in the process of planning a vehicle bomb attack.

3. Implement physical security and access control measures to minimize risk of a possible vehicle bomb delivery.

4. Identify potential vehicle bomb deliveries.

5. Develop a plan for responding to possible vehicle bomb deliveries.

Exercises and Quizzes

Students completing Lesson Eight should immediately take the interactive review quiz to test their understanding and retention of the lesson’s content. If the student correctly answers fewer than eight out of ten questions, he/she should repeat the lesson before continuing with the program.

Questions 36-40 of the comprehensive test are directly extracted from Lesson Eight.

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The lesson description on this page is extracted from the Bomb Countermeasures for Security Professionals CD-ROM, v2.0.