Lesson Four: Defense Against Courier Delivered Bombs

Lesson Four explores the threat of explosive devices physically delivered by a bomber to their target destination and the various types of proactive measures that can be employed to effectively control these risks.

Topics include:

Characteristics of Courier Delivered Device Attacks • Types of Couriers • Methods of Target Access • Device Construction • Concealment Methods • Unique Terrorist M.O. • Proactive Countermeasures • Physical Security • Barriers • Intrusion Detection Systems • Surveillance Cameras • Limited Concealment Methods • Security Patrols • Access Control • Planning Considerations • Entry Points and Screening Stations • Employee Screening • Visitor Control • Behavioral Observation • Technical Screening • X-Ray-Based Systems • Trace Detection Systems • Nuclear Detection Systems • Biological Detection Systems • Hand Searching • Active Threat Awareness • Employee Awareness • Security Personnel Awareness

Learning Objectives

Lesson Four will provide the student with an understanding of the following topics:

• Characteristics of hand-delivered bomb attacks
• Use of physical security controls to prevent and detect bomb deliveries
• Access control for buildings
• Generating threat awareness


Students completing Lesson Four should be capable of the following tasks:

1. Identify potential explosive-related threats delivered via personal couriers.

2. Develop a proactive security program to prevent bomb deliveries into a building.

3. Develop access control procedures to minimize risk from hand-delivered bombs.

4. Identify technical aids to assist in screening people and hand-carried items for bombs.

Exercises and Quizzes

Students finishing Lesson Four should immediately complete the interactive review quiz to test their understanding and retention of the lesson’s content. If the student correctly answers fewer than eight out of ten questions, he/she should repeat the lesson before continuing with the program.

Questions 16-20 of the comprehensive test are directly extracted from Lesson Four.

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Lesson Five


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Lesson Five

The lesson description on this page is extracted from the Bomb Countermeasures for Security Professionals CD-ROM, v2.0.