Lesson Three: Bomb Security Planning

Lesson Three provides a survey of the security planning process and the unique challenges of evaluating bomb-related risk. Additionally, a basic model is presented to assist in conducting a qualitative risk assessment and determining appropriate measures for reducing vulnerability to explosive threats.

Topics include:

Introduction to Security Planning • Risk Assessment • Risk Factors • Basic Approaches • Conducting the Assessment • Identifying and Valuing Assets • Identifying Threats • Types of Bomb-related Risk • Determining Vulnerabilities • Computer-Based Assessment • Evaluating Risk • Defining Levels of Risk • Matrix Evaluation • Objective Target Evaluation • Identifying Countermeasures • Types of Countermeasures • Protective Theory • Proactive Measures • Reactive Measures • Applied Bomb Countermeasures

Lesson Three requires approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete.

Learning Objectives

Lesson Three will provide the student with an understanding of the following topics:

• Types of risk assessment approaches
• Asset identification and valuation
• Threat identification and profiling
• Types of bomb-related risk
• Vulnerability assessment
• Risk evaluation
• Types of countermeasures


Students completing Lesson Three should be capable of the following tasks:

1. Conduct a basic qualitative risk assessment for explosive-related threats.

2. Identify potential countermeasures for explosive-related risks.

Exercises and Quizzes

Students completing Lesson Three should immediately take the interactive review quiz to test their understanding and retention of the lesson’s content. If the student correctly answers fewer than eight out of ten questions, he/she should repeat the lesson before continuing with the program.

Questions 11-15 of the comprehensive test are directly extracted from Lesson Three.


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Lesson Four

The lesson description on this page is extracted from the Bomb Countermeasures for Security Professionals CD-ROM, v2.0.