Lesson One: Introduction to the Threat

Lesson One explores the current status of explosive attacks and the many factors influencing bomb-related risk. In addition to presenting a study of current trends and the historical evolution of bombing, this lesson provides a deeper understanding of the methodology, motives, and capabilities of today’s bomb perpetrators.

Topics include:

Evolution of Explosives as a Weapon • Bomb Statistics • Future Trends • Characteristics of Bomb Perpetrators • Experimental Bombers • Malevolent Bombers • Identity Bombers • Terrorist Bombers • Government Operatives • Professional Criminal Bombers

Lesson One requires approximately 1-1.5 hours to complete.

Learning Objectives

Lesson One will provide the student with an understanding of the following topics:

• The basic nature of bombing as a threat
• Evolution of the illegal use of explosives
• Current status of the illegal use of explosives
• Possible developments in the future use of bombs and Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)
• Characteristics of bomb perpetrators

Exercises and Quizzes

Students completing Lesson One should immediately take the interactive review quiz to test their understanding and retention of the lesson’s content. If the student correctly answers fewer than eight out of ten questions, he/she should repeat the lesson before continuing with the program.

Questions 1-5 of the comprehensive test are directly extracted from Lesson One.

Download Lesson One and the Lesson One Review Quiz (as a program demonstration) by clicking here.

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Lesson Two


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Lesson Two

The lesson description on this page is extracted from the Bomb Countermeasures for Security Professionals CD-ROM, v2.0.