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The Bomb Countermeasures for Security Professionals CD-ROM is a powerful tool for training protective services agents in explosive-related security issues. In addition to surveying threats and countermeasures related to facilities, the BCSP program addresses a number of threats specifically aimed at human targets: mail bombs, limpet mine attacks, roadside proximity bombs, etc.

Priority Information

Following is a list of the BCSP lessons most applicable to the protection of specific people (protectees).

Lesson One: Introduction to the Threat
Lesson Two: Characteristics of Explosive Devices
Lesson Four: Defense Against Courier Bombs
Lesson Six: Defense Against Mail Bombs
Lesson Seven: Defense Against Anti-Vehicle Bombs

Secondary Information

Other lessons which have some information relevant to executive protection include:

Lesson Three: Bomb Security Planning
Lesson Eight: Defense Against WMD-Scale Bombs
Lesson Nine: Blast Mitigation Design for Facilities
Lesson Ten: Post-Blast Response Procedures

As a minimum, organizations that are using the BCSP program to supplement in-house training should require all executive protection agents to complete the priority lessons (while paying special attention to Lesson Seven).

Instructional Approach

The BSCP CD-ROM can be used for both self-study applications and for supporting classroom-based instruction. Consider the following guidelines for implementing this program in an organizational environment (full-time protective detail or executive protection agency).


Trainers that wish to use the BCSP program as an independent study tool should prepare an instruction sheet for students. This instruction sheet should detail exactly what lessons should be completed and that the review quiz should be taken at the end of each lesson. This sheet should also explain what methods will be used to test or certify the training and what the standards are for successful completion.

If the trainer decides that only certain lessons are required, a modified test can be prepared from the comprehensive test on the CD-ROM. For example, if the instructor mandates that only the priority lessons are completed (Lessons 1, 2, 4, 6, and 7), a modified test composed of 25 questions can be created from the comprehensive test. These questions would include 1-10, 16-20, and 26-35. In this case, grading would be based on 4 points per question (25 x 4 = 100 points).

Personal Instruction

Executive protection trainers who wish to use the BCSP program to support personal instruction have a number of options in how the program can be used. First, BCSP Version 2.0 includes four classroom training modules that directly relate to executive protection:

1. Characteristics of Explosive Devices
2. Building Search Procedures
3. Mail Screening Procedures
4. Level Two Vehicle Search Procedures

These modules are self-contained, on-screen presentations designed for use by instructors in classroom environments. To effectively use these presentations, the instructor should be thoroughly familiar with the information in Lessons 2, 5, 6, and 7. For maximum benefit, the instructor should supplement the oral lecture for these classroom presentations with hands-on training and exercises.

As an additional enhancement to classroom instruction, each student should be required to complete the priority lessons (Lessons 1, 2, 4, 6, and 7) in a self-study format (see Self-Study above).


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