Bomb Countermeasures for Security Professionals (BCSP) v2.0 provides security and law enforcement instructors with a versatile solution for training personnel in explosive-related protection issues.

The BCSP program uses the latest multimedia technology to present the most detailed survey of bomb-related threats and security measures ever assembled in a commercial training program. Some of the many threats addressed in the program include hand delivered IEDs, mail bombs, anti-vehicle explosive attacks, limpet mines, WMD-scale car and truck bombs, projected charge attacks, and blast-type chemical/biological dissemination devices. This information is presented through a series of ten lessons, which begins with a general survey of the threat and progressively addresses more advanced topics.

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Customized training and reference applications

One of the greatest benefits of the BCSP program is the ability to customize the user's learning experience. Unlike traditional training tools (videos, slide presentations, etc.), users progress at their own pace, choosing topics and security approaches that directly apply to their needs.

As an additional feature, the BCSP program's navigator window allows reference users to directly access any topic in the program with a simple mouse click.

Intensive multimedia content

To reinforce the learning points in the instructional text, the BCSP program is supported by over 1,000 photographs, charts, illustrations, animations, digital videos, and audio clips. By the use of a completely integrated multimedia instructional approach, complex learning points are communicated clearly in a way that contributes to lasting retention.

Interactive learning features

Each lesson in the BCSP program is supported with interactive exercises and quizzes to reinforce critical learning objectives and test the user's ability to apply security principles in practical situations. Additionally, the new Version 2.0 CD-ROM features a number of interactive tools which provide easy access to supplementary information. Examples include interactive timelines, maps, and flow charts.

Instructor's Tools

The BCSP program includes a number of unique features to enhance the program's value as an organizational training tool. One example is the new comprehensive test. As requested by a number of law enforcement trainers and schools, Version 2.0 features a 50-question test covering topics in all ten lessons. The test's answer key is password-protected and accessible only to verified law enforcement trainers and security managers.

Additionally, the BCSP CD-ROM features several PowerPoint-type classroom presentations for use by security and law enforcement instructors.


Program Completion Time
Each lesson requires approximately 1 to 2 hours to complete (depending on the user). Overall, the program equals approximately 16 hours of traditional instruction.
Computer Requirements



• Pentium I computer (or newer)
• 16 megabytes RAM
• 8X CD-ROM drive (or faster)
• 16-Bit color display
• Sound capability
• Windows 95 (or newer)


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