Check out some of the new features in the Bomb Countermeasures for Security Professionals (BCSP) CD-ROM, Version 2.0:

New Information

Train your personnel in the latest bomb security tactics and technologies with the BCSP CD-ROM, v2.0. The new program includes expanded information on topics such as the NCAVC’s new bomb offender typologies, chemical/biological/radiological devices, defense against projected charge attacks (improvised mortars, etc.), new TSWG vehicle bomb evacuation protocols, blast suppression technologies, new case studies, and more. Version 2.0 also includes over 150 pages of supplementary reference information and a new threat groups module that profiles the bomb-related modus operandi of over 25 terrorist groups worldwide.

Several lessons have also been revised to include new information provided by a range of organizations, including ATF, Battelle Memorial Institute, British Army EOD, DTRA, FBI, Israeli Army EOD, and the Public Safety Group.

Download the Lesson One, Part Two demonstration module to view examples of some of the many new case studies in Version 2.0. The Lesson One demo module includes case studies of bombers Walter Leroy Moody and Theodore Kaczynski (as examples of "identity bombers"), the bombing of KAL Flight 858, and a case study of Michael Townley (as an example of a "professional bomber").

Additional Multimedia Content

Take advantage of the latest multimedia technology with the BCSP CD-ROM! The information in Version 2.0 is further enhanced by the addition of new animations, digital videos, and audio clips. Additionally, each lesson in Version 2.0 is supported with audio narration, directing the user to the lesson’s features and introducing important topics.

New Interactive Learning Features

Each lesson is now supported with interactive exercises to reinforce critical learning objectives and test the user's ability to apply security principles in practical application. In addition to interactive exercises, Version 2.0 features a number of interactive tools which provide easy access to supplementary information. Examples include interactive timelines, maps, and flow charts.

Download the Lesson One, Part One demonstration module to view an example of the new interactive learning features in Version 2.0.

Interactive Review Quizzes

New interactive review quizzes in each lesson test the user’s retention of information presented in the lessons and reinforce key learning points.

Download the Lesson One, Part Three demonstration module to view an example of the new interactive review quizzes in Version 2.0.

Printing Capabilities

Users can now print lesson guides and reference documents with a simple button click. Additionally, a button located in the new navigation bar provides a quick and easy method for printing individual screens.

New Instructor's Tools

Police and security instructors will be excited at Version 2.0's suite of new instructor's tools. One example of this is the new comprehensive test. As requested by a number of law enforcement trainers and schools, Version 2.0 features a 50-question test covering topics in all ten lessons. The test's answer key is password protected and accessible only to verified law enforcement trainers and security managers.

Instructors can also use the BCSP program to support classroom training with the new classroom training modules in Version 2.0. These self-standing, multimedia presentations are designed to aid instructors in training personnel in bomb and explosives recognition, building search techniques, bomb threats, mail screening, vehicle search procedures, and post-blast response.

Expanded Reference Section

The new Reference Section in Version 2.0 provides quick access to information on bomb-related equipment manufacturers, policies and procedures, evacuation distances, blast prediction, and the Threat Groups 2001 information module.

Revised Editing

Many of the lessons have been completely restructured for improved presentation and the integration of new content. Version 2.0 has also been completely re-edited by one of the nation's top textbook editors.

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